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 Here are the services we offer at Motichase to help you continue chasing your  goals.

Were you considering creating a website for your brand or business?

A great web design is a solution solver for a multitude of issues you may be facing. Motichase will create an unique & effective site to help you generate more business online. Unlike employees your site will work for you around the clock 24/7. Visitors to it will be able to get the information they need at times you may be enjoying vacation with your family or sleeping after a long day of work.

Getting your website done might be one of if not the greatest achievements as a small business owner. However, maintaining may be a task of its own. A html custom website will make it extremely difficult to do changes to your site unless you have coding experience. CMS websites make things a little easier to do things your own but sometimes you just don’t have the time to maintain your site on a regular basis. This is where Motichase comes in. We won’t create your site & leave you high & dry. You can always reach us if you decide you need changes in the future & we offer very affordable & flexible options to get changes to your site done in a timely manner. By taking this burden off your hands we hope it will allow you to focus on your daily business operations & other life responsibilities that you have.

Relying on someone else to get stuff done for you can be time consuming & stressful. With the use of CMS you will no longer need to depend solely on us to make changes to your website. With the use of platforms like WordPress you will be able to log in & update your content, pictures & more easily putting more power & control of your site in your hands. What’s even better is choosing this option will not force you to sacrifice the look of your design as it would’ve in the early days of CMS.

A responsive web design will adjusts & resize your website according to the screen of the device in use. Being that 80% of internet users own a smartphone & over 50% of online searches daily come from cell phones it be a silly mistake to miss out on that. The average person only stays on a new site for 15 seconds before leaving it. You can easily loose visitors to your site because it isn’t mobile friendly which means your message wont be received & money will not be made. Although mobile responsiveness alters the look it will not at all compromise the quality of your site, it will in fact enhance it & guarantee that the user experience for current & future visitors is exceptional.

Your logo is arguably the most important aspect of any business. Here at Motichase we will not even consider doing a website for you unless you have one which is why all of our web design packages include a logo design if needed. Whether or not you are a new brand or have been active for some time & looking to rebrand we will design a logo for you that will be memorable, creative & leave a lasting impact on your potential customers.

Creating a successful & memorable brand doesn’t just stop at your logo design. In addition to that there is a variety of things that play a factor in growing your brand such as flyers, brochures, menus, business cards & much much more. These things go hand in hand with your website & help show your future customers you are serious while at the same time implanting your your business name in their minds.  Motichase will help increase your brand recognition by creating custom designs that will specifically appeal to your business/brands demographic.

What’s SEO you ask? Well you should google it if you don’t know. You see that’s essentially what SEO is. When potential customers are in the early phases of making a purchase for a product or service you might offer they will more than likely google search for what they are looking for or utilize some of the other less popular search engines that are. With the right SEO this a golden opportunity for you to receive even more traffic to your website & possibly increase your sales. This involves a combination of things such as the right content, design/layout of your site & much more. Each website is different from the next one so your SEO results & time will be specific to your site & the market you are in.

Here at Motichase we develop Ecommerce sites for all types of businesses such as retail, electronic, clothing, furniture & much more. We know that just looking at all of the items you want to sell online can be overwhelming & the thought of getting it onto a site seems  time consuming as well as complicated. We want to remove this complication from your life & make things simple. Our aim is to create a site for your business that will make it easy for your customers to view & purchase from your vast & still growing inventory. At the same time, with the use of CMS you will be able to update your inventory & make changes needed to your website with ease. This type of site will also make keeping track of your customers & contact information easier than it’s ever been.

I am sure you have enough on your plate already when it comes to getting your business started or maintaining your existing one. Having to worry about every single word going on your website should not be one of the things lingering in the back of your mind. Let us handle this for you! Motichase will create unique & SEO rich content that is customized specifically for your business. Having effective content throughout your websites pages can not only help explain to visitors exactly what product(s) and/or services you provide for them, but it will also help your rankings on search engines. Things like this play a big factor on whether you appear on the first page of search engines such as google.